Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Interactive Map of Major Langley City Projects

One of the focus areas of the 2023 Langley City Budget was to work on the basics. While there are certainly some flashy projects, such as the new Downtown bike lanes and the upcoming $18 million Fraser Highway One Way renewal, most of the projects focus on the basics, like ensuring our water and sewer lines are in a state of good repair and that our traffic lights are modernized.

202 Street Area, South of 48 Ave, Utility Replacements

Langley City staff has put together an interactive map that shows some of the other significant projects, including:

56 Avenue Water, Storm and Sanitary Sewer Replacement: $4 million
202 Street Area, South of 48 Ave, Utility Replacements: $3 million
49 Avenue Utilities Replacement: $1.1 million
Traffic Signal Renewal: $750,000
McBurney Plaza Wood Deck Replacement: $350,000

Check out the map to see what projects are happening in your neighbourhood.

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