Thursday, September 14, 2023

September 11 Council Notes: Capital Projects Changes and Cost Increases

Langley City may receive grants throughout the year, project cost changes, and priorities shift. These changes mean that Langley City Council amends the capital budget from time to time throughout the year.

Council approved the last budget amendment in May.

While there are some new projects, the biggest reason for this latest amendment was the cost difference between what the City thought the projects would cost and the price the City received when projects went to tender. Like other governments and the private sector, Langley City has seen substantial and unprecedented cost increases in construction due to a labour shortage and material cost increases.

Building a Safer Langley (BSCF) – Guns & Gangs: $320,800 Federal Government Grant

Local Government Climate Action Program: $170,080 Provincial Government Grant topped up with $34,020 from casino proceeds to help the City meet provincial climate action goals

Replace a Broken Woodchipper: $80,000 funded by City reserves

Transportation Safety Improvements: $75,000 grant from ICBC, including an enhanced crosswalk at 53rd Avenue and 201A Street

MIA Risk Management: $25,545 risk management grant from the Municipal Insurance Association of BC

Asset Management: $25,000 grant from UBCM to enhance the City's asset management program

City Hall/Timms Office Space Reconfiguration: $400,000 to accommodate additional staff funded by casino proceeds

56 Ave, 200 St to 203 St: $1.38 million top-up of an ongoing project funded by City reserves and developer contributions

McBurney Plaza Improvements: $350,000 top-up of project to replace wood decking with a more durable and slip-resistant product funded by developer contributions

Douglas Park Washroom: $400,000 top-up of project funded by developer contributions

City Park Enhancement: $350,000 top-up of project to complete the renewal of Barbour Field funded by developer contributions

Cast Iron and Watermain Replacement: $795,000 top-up of the project funded by delaying a watermain valve replacement project, $95,000 from City reserves and $700,000 from casino proceeds

46 Ave, 206A to 207 St Storm Sewer: $167,000 top-up of the renewal project funded by casino proceeds*

Fire Utility Truck: $20,000 top-up funded by casino proceeds

Fire Command Vehicle: $20,000 top-up funded by casino proceeds

Council gave this budget amendment first, second, and third reading.

*This was included in the spring budget amendment details, but it didn't make it into the official budget amendment bylaw due to an oversight.

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