Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Pedestrian Space, Less Parking - McBurney Lane

Council approved design concept for McBurney Lane

I am thrilled to report that City of Langley Council decided to endorse a pedestrian-friendly option for the redevelopment of McBurney Lane in Downtown Langley. Last year the City was going to redevelop the lane as a pedestrian-only corridor, but some local businesses opposed that plan and wanted to keep it as a parking lot. Last month, the City proposed a concept design for the lane that would have kept it much the same as it is today (a plaza in the north section, and parking lot in the south section.) I’m happy that Council changed their minds and supported an option that will still preserve some parking for the merchants, but will also make McBurney Lane a strong pedestrian corridor. The endorsed option will include a pedestrian corridor, a plaza in the north section, plus 10 angled parking stalls on the west side on the south portion. As these are premium parking stalls, I would hope that City makes these 30 minutes stalls to ensure turn-over.

Looking at the minutes of July 9th meeting, it was interesting to note Councillor Schaffer and Councillor Wallace supported the parking lot option while these two Councillors plus former Park and Environment Advisory Committee Chair Councillor Arnold opposed the endorsed pedestrian-friendly option. At the end of the day, I couldn’t be happier and I’m glad that the City is moving forward with building a pedestrian-friendly Downtown. The reconstruction of McBurney Lane will start in January 2013.

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