Friday, July 6, 2012

McBurney Lane Update

I have some good news to report on the McBurney Lane front. As you may be aware, the original plan for McBurney Lane was for it to be a continuation of Douglas Park to provide much needed green space in Downtown Langley and to provide a safe pedestrian corridor. The merchants in Downtown Langley oppose creating added green space in the lane and would prefer that it remain as it is today (plaza in the north, parking lot in the south).

At last night’s City of Langley Parks and Environment Committee Meeting, the committee passed a motion in support of a pedestrian-only corridor for the entire length of McBurney Lane. I am told that City Council will be reviewing the McBurney Lane proposals on Monday and I’m happy that they will now have another viewpoint to consider when deciding the future of the lane.

Four Proposed Options for McBurney Lane. Click Image to Enlarge.

While I have no doubt that parking will stay in McBurney Lane, I’m hoping that council will choose a design like option 2 that has more pedestrian/green space and less parking instead of the current preferred option 4.

McBurney Lane is the key pedestrian corridor for families and seniors that live in the area and walk downtown. Let’s hope the City and the merchants see the value in creating a safe and welcoming environment for them. It should be a win, win as studies show that pedestrian-only corridors actually improve the profitability of businesses located on them.

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