Monday, July 23, 2012

Charleston Place in Downtown Langley - Rezoning

Back in April, the City of Langley announced a new project called Charleston Place which will see the construction of a 15 storey, mixed-use building in Downtown Langley. This is exciting news for the City which has been working hard over the last few years to attract major development to the community and revitalize its Downtown. Today, City council will be looking at a rezoning application to change the zoning from service commercial (auto-oriented) to Downtown commercial. This project will include ground-level retail, office space, and 29 residential units. I’ve lived in the City of Langley for about 5 years and this building will be the first to include new office space in Downtown Langley since I’ve been here. The development will also result in the demolition of a night club which has changes names it seems yearly. All good news for the City and I look forward to seeing detailed plans for this project.

Site of proposed mixed-use building.

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