Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fort Langley businesses to spend $2m to spruce up area

The Fort Langley Business Improvement Association has petitioned the Township of Langley to setup a Local Area Service district to pay for the undergrounding of utility poles in key commercial areas of Fort Langley. According to the BIA, the undergrounding project “is critical to the long-term commercial success of Fort Langley as a unique destination.” The creation of a Local Area Service district allows property owners to be taxed for improvements that directly benefit them. Of the estimated $3 million to complete this project, the local property owners will be on the hook for about $2 million. The undergrounding of utilities will not only provide more reliable service, but will also remove the ugly utility poles that are in the middle of sidewalks and require the removal or butchering of trees. The removal of the utility poles will also allow Fort Langley to install lamp standards that better reflect the scale of the neighbourhood. It is encouraging to see a BIA that is actively involved in investing in the betterment of its community. I look forward to seeing what Fort Langley will look like without utility poles.

Utility poles to be removed in red.

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Todd ostrowercha said...

I agree! Kudos to the BIA for thinking ahead.

Todd Ostrowercha
Managing Partner