Monday, May 27, 2024

Your Input Needed: Langley City’s New Economic Development Strategy

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I wanted to share the following news release from Langley City:

Langley City is updating its Economic Development Strategy, focused on job creation, investment attraction, and business retention and expansion. To gather valuable feedback, residents and the business community are being asked to share their ideas about how to boost the economy and enhance quality of life through an online community survey open from May 22 through June 24, 2024. The survey seeks to understand what drives people to invest in and relocate to Langley City, and how to nurture business growth and entrepreneurship.
“We want a ‘made in Langley City’ Economic Development Strategy that combines the local knowledge of people who live, work, and own businesses in our community with world-leading best practices,” says Mayor Nathan Pachal. “Our Economic Development Strategy will only succeed if we can capture the diverse ideas from within our community.”
Ongoing work includes a community leaders workshop and interviews with community and business leaders.
The Strategy also aims to connect the dots to a broader community development action plan that enables job creation, including lifestyle-focused services/amenities, placemaking, downtown enhancement, housing choice and affordability, and more flexible commercial form and function for today’s entrepreneurs needing more nimble solutions.
The Strategy is scheduled for completion in Fall 2024.

Fill out the survey now.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, as this is an off question. How does one deal with a car alarm going off for 7hrs (7am-2-pm) out front of our complex, and the owner lives across the street in a condo and does not hear or turn off the alarm.

Nathan Pachal said...

You can call City Hall and file a noise complaint if it is on-going.