Thursday, May 23, 2024

Final May 13 Council Meeting Updates

Over the last week or so, I've posted about Langley City's May 13 Council meeting, including updates on our finances, improvement project changes, housing matters, childcare, and road and water construction projects. Today, I'll be finishing my coverage of that meeting.

Council received a presentation from Langley City resident Bruce Downing. He expressed concerns and some potential solutions to addressing urban wildfires in the Nicomekl Floodplain and general considerations about responding to and addressing the aftermath of disasters. Council passed a motion to have staff review Mr. Downing's recommendation and prepare a response. He also called on Council to design "Langley City" ball caps.

As a note, anyone can make a presentation before Council, but you must book time. You can find out how in the "Delegations and Community Spotlights" section of Langley City's website.

Council gave third reading to updating our public notice bylaw, which outlines how we provide notice for non-legislatively required notices. This update is a housekeeping matter; you can read more about it in a previous post.

Council also gave final reading to our tax rate bylaw, which implements the tax rate from our approved 2024 budget. You can also read more about this in a previous post.

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