Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Council purchases new $3.5 million 100' platform fire truck and new street sweeper

Last night's Langley City Council approved purchasing a new 100' platform/ladder fire truck to replace the current truck, which is reaching its end of life.

Platform fire truck extended at Community Day. Select the image to enlarge.

This truck is a very specialized piece of firefighting equipment; only Surrey and Langley City have a 100' platform fire truck in the South of Fraser. This truck benefits Langley City and neighbouring communities, such as the Township of Langley.

The City's platform truck was an essential piece of equipment used to fight the 2021 Willoughby Fire, the largest building fire in Langley's history. The platform truck and Langley City firefighters helped prevent the fire from spreading to additional sites.

Reference drawing for the new platform fire truck. Select the drawing to enlarge.

With the new platform truck, Langley City will continue to be able to help our neighbours and keep our community safe.

Council approved purchasing the new platform fire truck from Safetek Fire Trucks for $3.5 million. The truck will be delivered in about two years.

Example of street sweeper: Source: Seth Granville

Langley City Council also approved purchasing an Elgin street sweeper from Vimar Equipment Ltd. for a net cost of $418,310.20. We will be replacing our current street sweeper, which is eight years old. The City will trade in our current street sweeper as part of the deal with Vimar Equipment Ltd. Street sweepers are usually replaced every eight years. The new street sweeper will take about two years to be manufactured and delivered to the City.


Anonymous said...

I notice a lot of signal upgrades projects for this year. Can I know what are the improvements involved ? Does it involve the intersection improvements?

Nathan Pachal said...

It involves replacing the traffic signal controller computer, wiring (if needed), traffic signal heads, and mounting hardware (if needed). It might also include minor intersection repairs.

The City tries to use as much existing gear as possible, as a new traffic signal costs $250,000+

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response