Monday, May 6, 2024

April 29 Council Notes: Film Festival, Ottawa Mission Debrief, and Housekeeping Matters

Over the last week, I’ve posted about some of the items discussed at last Monday’s Langley City Council meeting. Today, I’ll cover the remaining items.

Langley City held its first-ever local film festival last year. The City’s Arts, Recreation, Culture & Heritage Advisory Committee is starting the work on planning for the 2025 film festival. While the Committee is looking for sponsorship for the festival, it asked Council to reserve $15,000 from the City’s Public Arts Fund. The City will use any sponsorship money to reduce the need to use the Public Arts Fund. Council approved this request.

As I posted, Langley City Council recently completed an advocacy mission to Ottawa. I presented a report on the mission at the Council meeting, including these next steps:

  • Setting up further meetings with MP Paul Chiang’s, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, office to connect with Langley immigration and settlement services agencies to discuss the need for more built and social infrastructure.
  • Forwarding the Provincial Nominee Program Immigration feedback from MP Tom Kmiec to MLA Andrew Mercier.
  • Following up with CMHC to obtain a formal explanation of why we were not successful with our initial Housing Accessorator Funding application.
  • Learning more about the new Canada Housing Infrastructure Fund and how Langley City can apply for funding.
  • Setting up a meeting with MP Harjit Sajjan to explore PacifiCan funding for our proposed Performing Arts and Cultural Centre.
  • Restarting meetings with Transport Canada to change the height limited regulation in Langley City, which currently limits building height to 12 storeys due to the Langley Regional Airport.

Langley City Council also approved Anton Metalnikov, Planner, to attend the Canadian Institute of Planners national conference in Edmonton from July 9th to 11th.

Council gave first, second, and third reading to approve-in-principle a housing-keeping item to remove non-legislatively required public notices from our public notice bylaw.

Council also gave final reading and approved updates to the Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw and Parks and Public Facilities Regulation Bylaw, which I posted about previously.


Anonymous said...

By provincial law, we must allow buildings up to 20 storeys within a 200-metre radius of a station, up to 12 storeys within a 200- to 400-metre radius of a station, and up to 8 storeys between a 400- and 800-metre radius of a station.
My question is, is there a minimum height requirement ?

Nathan Pachal said...

There is no minimum height requirement from the province.