Monday, June 26, 2023

Langley RCMP Deintegration Update: Detachment Building and Being a Good Neighbour

Joint RCMP Langley Detachment Plaque

Langley City and Township jointly share an RCMP detachment. The City and Township jointly built, maintain and fund the RCMP detachment building and its operations in Murrayville. We have a contract which spells out our joint obligations for the upkeep of the building, equipment, and municipal staff.

The City and Township have another contract covering the RCMP detachment members.

As you may head seen, heard, or read, the Township of Langley has sent Langley City a letter indicating they no longer want a joint RCMP detachment and want to set up their own one. We call this process deintegration.

Langley Township believes they will get better police service with their own detachment building and own RCMP detachment members.

As such, Township staff, as directed by their Council, sent a letter giving Langley City notice that they'd like to buy us out of the joint RCMP detachment building and operating contract. This contract is one of two that govern overall joint policing in Langley.

As we want to understand the Township's concerns and be a good neighbour, we sent a letter back to them which included the following two points.

  • The City of Langley does not agree that its usage of RCMP services is disproportionate to that envisaged under the cost sharing agreement. We are, however, quite willing to discuss your concerns and engage in negotiations to remedy any matters of concern.
  • Should the Township of Langley not be prepared to discuss your concerns, our intent is to invoke the Arbitration provision in Article 8.00 of the agreement. We hope this will not be necessary and that, in good faith, both municipalities can work together to avoid the increased cost to our citizens should the current agreement end.

This process of deintegration is a long, complex process which requires provincial government approval. Throughout the process, policing service will not be compromised in the City or the Townships.

Regardless of the deintegration process, Langley City Council will continue to move forward to make a safer, healthier community.

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