Tuesday, June 27, 2023

June 26 Council Notes: 2024 RCMP Budget Process, State of Good Repair Projects, Call to Support More Rental Unit Construction

In all municipalities that contract their police service with the RCMP, they must provide an "approval in principle" letter to RCMP headquarters. This "approval in principle" highlights the maximum amount a municipality is considering for its upcoming police budget.

The federal government pays 10% of the policing costs for municipalities that contract the RCMP, so they use this letter to inform their federal budgeting process, which runs at a different schedule and pace than the municipal budget process.

This "approval in principle" is the maximum budget and number of police officers. Municipalities can and do go lower than their "approval in principle" numbers.

Last night, Langley City Council approved sending a letter to RCMP headquarters noting the maximum police budget for 2024 is proposed to be $15,329,932 with 57.35 officers (an increase of six officers compared to this year.)

Council also approved issuing a tender to Sandpiper Contracting LLP for $464,000.00 (excluding GST) plus a contingency of $46,000.00 for various sewer and storm sewer repair projects in our community, as noted on the following map.

Map of sewer and storm sewer repair locations. Select the map to enlarge.

Councillor White presented a motion to submit a resolution for debate at the fall Union of BC Municipalities Conference. This conference, which occurs every fall, allows all local government elected representatives to debate matters they'd like to see the provincial and federal governments take action on. Matters that are approved at the conference are submitted to the province and federal governments.

This motion, unanimously approved by Council, called for the federal government to update its "Rental Construction Financing Initiative (RCFI) program to further incentivize private enterprise and non-profits to build critically needed affordable rentals."

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