Tuesday, June 6, 2023

June 5 Council Notes: Annual Report, Request for Service, Township of Langley Neighbourhood Plans

As required by provincial law, municipalities in BC must prepare annual reports. The report must include:

  • A municipality's audited annual financial statements for the previous year
  • A list of the permissive tax exemptions
  • A report on the municipality's services and operations for the previous year
  • A progress report on the performance of the municipality
  • Objectives and measures used to determine the municipality's performance
  • Any declarations of disqualification made against individual council members during the previous year

Municipalities must also provide opportunities for people to provide feedback about annual reports.

Langley City provided an opportunity for people to give written feedback or speak at last night's Council meeting about the 2022 Annual Report. No one provided feedback or spoke about the annual report. As such, Council received the 2022 Annual Report.

One thing to highlight from the annual report is that Council provided $725,743 in permissive tax exemptions for certain non-profits, the convention centre, and the faith community as follows:

Organization Amount
Anglican Parish of St Andrew's $27,842
Bridge Community Church $17,693
Church of the Nazarene $25,031
Community Police Office $14,176
Convention Centre $53,881
Encompass Support Services Society $20,933
Evangelical Free $32,018
Global School Society $23,182
Inclusion Langley Society $33,828
Langley Care Society $36,168
Langley Community Music School $44,120
Langley Community Services Society $15,950
Langley Food Bank $25,220
Langley Hospice Society $7,117
Langley Lawn Bowling $40,354
Langley Memorial Hospital Auxiliary $71,627
Langley Seniors Resource Society $49,360
Langley Stepping Stones $12,917
New Apostolic Church $7,346
Roman Catholic $92,683
Salvation Army - Gateway of Hope $3,662
Vcr Global Mission Church $24,603
Vineyard Christian Fellowship $46,032

I am not suggesting that Council change who receives tax exemptions, but if Council did not provide these tax exemptions, this year's property tax increase would have been about 2.2% lower. As a note, Langley City is a part owner of the convention centre at the casino, which is why it has a permissive tax exemption.

Langley City Council also heard a presentation about our recently streamlined Request for Service portal at https://rfs.langleycity.ca/. The Request for Service portal is the easiest way to submit non-emergency requests for the City to action, such as parking complaints, abandoned garbage, litter, potholes, burnt-out streetlights, street landscaping issues, and unsightly property. The City cannot fix what it doesn't know about, so we will promote Request for Service over the next bit.

Last week, I posted that Langley City staff provided feedback to the Township of Langley staff about their planned update to the Booth, Fernridge, and Rinn Neighbourhood Plans. You can read the Township's request letter and the City's reply.

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