Monday, March 20, 2023

Coming this June: Connecting 203rd Street and Glover Road Safe Bike Lanes

Langley City has partnered with TransLink to build our safe cycling network over the years. The 203rd Street bike lanes and Glover Road bike lanes form the north-south safe cycling route for our community, but there is a gap in Downtown Langley. This gap limits the usefulness of this current safe cycling route.

TransLink is funding 100% of a $350,000 project to connect the safe cycling north-south route along Douglas Crescent and 204th Street.

The following shows the proposed design.

Crosssection of 203rd Street. Select the image to enlarge.

Crosssection of Douglas Crescent. Select the image to enlarge

Crossection of 204th Street. Select the image to enlarge.

A bonus of the project is that it will increase on-street parking along 204th Street if the business owners along that section of the street favour moving parking from the east side of the street to the west side.

The City plans to start construction in June this year. For more information, please view a presentation available online.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I do not support bike lanes that don’t have the road widened to support a bike lane, instead of reducing vehicle lanes from two to one and causing traffic congestion.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above statement. With the amount of people moving to the lowermainland this will just cause further delays and make traffic a bigger nightmare then what it is. I understand we need to be more a of "green" city but there are better ways of doing this.

Anonymous said...

Please re-consider this design. Eliminating road lanes is not always the solution. 56th ave is a well used roadway and a very important road for emergency vehicles. Eliminating 1 lane on Douglas cres. will lead to chaos when an emergency vehicle has to travel down the street. The city is getting busier and shrinking and eliminating road lane is not a solution. It’s time to stop and take a look at these designs. How is it gonna look for city hall when traffic is dead stopped and all blocked on Douglas cres. because of an emergency and there are no other lanes for vehicles to get around.

Anonymous said...

I think 204 southbound should stay two lanes and eliminate all parking between Douglas Crescent and Fraser Highway as the new proposed parking moving to the west side of 204 is right beside the city parking lot that has plenty of space for parking.

Anonymous said...

I also think all parking on 204 street southbound should be eliminated as the new proposal is right beside the city parking lot, that has plenty of space.

Anonymous said...

I agree with other comments that it does not make sense to eliminate yet another driving lane for bicycles. This makes it unsafe for emergency vehicles as there is no room for them to get through. This also causes an immense amount of backup. I am commenting as someone who rides their bike weekly. I cannot however use it as a mode of transport since the amount of theft and its not practical for groceries or when it rains year around.