Monday, March 6, 2023

One-Third of People Travelling on 200th Street Use Public Transit in Peak Periods

When you drive along Fraser Highway or 200th Street, you might think that only a few people are using public transit along those corridors, but that isn’t the case.

TransLink recently released the first part of its 2023 Bus Speed and Reliability Report. One of the maps that stood out to me was a map of bus mode share in 2021.

Bus mode share in 2021 during AM peak travel period. Select the map to enlarge.

On 200th Street between Langley City and Walnut Grove, 33-45% of people travel along that corridor on public transit during peak AM travel periods. Between Langley City and King George SkyTrain Station, 21-35% of people travel along Fraser Highway on public transit, with the highest percentage in Langley City.

Along 72nd Avenue in Surrey, up to 72% of people travel along that corridor on public transit during peak periods.

TransLink staff presented this report at the March 2nd Mayors’ Council on Regional Transporation Meeting. At that meeting, I asked if the percentage of people using transit was similar in the peak PM travel period. TransLink staff said that a similar percentage of people used public transit along the identified corridors on the map.

Some people might think this doesn’t make sense, given what they see on the roads daily, but buses are way more efficient at moving people around. For example, a 40-foot transit bus with just six passengers uses less road space per passenger than private automobiles. A 40-foot transit bus can hold about 70 people. If you look at buses in Langley, they are usually full during peak AM and PM travel periods.

For more information, please read the “2023 Bus Speed and Reliability Report.

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