Tuesday, November 22, 2022

November 21 Council Notes: Duplex, Apartment by Nicomekl School, Garbage Enclosure

Langley City Council addressed three development matters at its meeting yesterday.

The first item was a Development Variance Application to allow a duplex to be built at 19907 53 Avenue. This neighbourhood has two-storey duplexes which have been around for over 30 years.

Front elevation drawing of a proposed duplex at 19907 53 Avenue. Select the image to enlarge.

Langley City Council received an email from a property owner in the area who is opposed to the duplex. At the meeting, Council heard from an owner concerned about the construction impact on his property. The appliance of the duplex noted how they would mitigate construction impacts and offered to provide his phone number to the concerned owner.

Council asked if the duplex project would impact future development in the area as the official community plan allows apartment buildings up to six storeys. Staff noted that it wouldn’t affect the ability to build future apartments in the area.

Council also asked how City staff would prevent illegal suites from being built, as the project has separate exterior entrances to the basement. City staff noted that they would work to ensure that suite-like elements aren’t included in the basement design and construction, and that they would likely require a convenient to be registered on the land title to prevent a suite.

Council approved the Development Variance Application.

Council also approved a Development Variance Application to allow the BC Kinsmen Housing Society to construct an enclosure to protect their garbage, recycling, and organics bins at 5525 209 Street. Due to confusion, Council received several emails from residents concerned that the property was being turned into a garbage dump. Staff addressed the concerns, noting that it was only to protect existing bins for the apartment complex.

Rendering of a proposed apartment at 5302 200 Street, 20030 53A Avenue, & 20011-20031 53 Avenue. Select the image to enlarge.

Council gave first and second reading for a rezoning which would enable a 6-storey, 84-unit apartment to be built on the northeast corner of 53rd Avenue and 200th Street. Before giving first and second reading, Council asked City staff several questions. Council asked how the Langley School District participates in planning for schools based on population growth and development. Staff noted that the School District works with the City to develop projections for students and that the School District is working on expanding Nicomekl Elementary School. Council also asked if there would be any safety improvements to the road as the proposed apartment is by a school. Staff noted that the City would be building a mid-block crosswalk by the school as part of redevelopment in the area.

Council also asked staff to forward questions to the project applicant about air conditioning within units, parking stall assignment, and green roof maintenance for the applicant to address at the public hearing, which the City will now be scheduling.

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