Friday, November 25, 2022

Langley City September thru October Property Crime Map

Langley City September thru October Property Crime Map. Select image to enlarge.

I want to highlight some key points about the Langley City September through October property crime map. The majority of our population and essentially all brick-and-mortar businesses are located north of the Nickomekl River, so you would expect to see more incidents north of the river.

Theft from auto continues to be a challenge in our community. The advice of securing all things in your vehicle remains as relevant as ever. People will do a smash-and-grab for loose change or a garage clicker. Catalytic converter theft continues in Langley City, and that is categorized as theft from auto. At last night’s Crime Prevention Committee, we learn that a small, known group of people are responsible for these crimes but that getting a conviction in court is difficult.

Block Watch continues to have a positive impact on reducing property crime. For more information about Block Watch and how to set up one in your neighbourhood, call the Langley RCMP Detachment Block Watch coordinator at 604-532-3213.

Hopefully, the provincial government’s recent announcement to address repeat offenders based on the report “A Rapid Investigation into Repeat Offending and Random Stranger Violence in British Columbia” will reduce property crime.

Arson means any fire that is started, including fires that may be started by people who are living rough.

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Congratulations to the Block Watch volunteers!! You are effective, obviously. Thank you for your efforts!! 🥰✌️