Monday, July 26, 2021

TransLink invests $4.6 million in walking, cycling, and road projects in Langley this year

While most people know that TransLink is responsible for the transit network, many people do not know that the agency is also responsible for regional roads called the major road network. 200th Street is part of the major road network.

TransLink cost-shares with municipalities the operating costs of the major road network based on a per-kilometre, inflation-adjusted funding formula. This year it works out to about $22,000 per lane kilometre or $58.2 million in total.

In addition to funding ongoing operating costs, TransLink also helps pay for capital improvement projects for the major road network and projects that will enhance walking, rolling, and cycling (active transportation.)

The 203rd Street project previously received TransLink funding for its construction.

This year, TransLink is investing $36 million into active transportation projects and $30.8 million in road, bridge, and bus speed projects.

In Langley City, the projects are:

208 Street Cycling Improvement Project - $841,590
The 208 Street bike route currently has a 'gap' between Fraser Highway and 52A Avenue where no bike lanes exist. This project would connect this gap by providing off-street paths and bridge modifications to accommodate a multi-use path over the Nicomekl River near Fraser Highway.

Fraser Highway Upgrades - $447,000
Fraser Highway between 204 Street and 206 Street is a one-way road with high pedestrian traffic. The goal of this project is to make the area more pedestrian-friendly. To do this, diagonal parking on one side of the road will be removed and replaced with parallel parking, sidewalks will be widened, streetlighting will be improved, and new pedestrian amenities and furniture will be installed.

Bus Speed & Reliability Study - $97,000
The purpose of this study is to identify bus network improvements and develop conceptual plans and cost estimates for the recommended improvements along major transit corridors within Langley City.

In the Township of Langley, the projects are:

96 Avenue Connector - $469,000
The project will construct a multi-use path on 96 Avenue from Telegraph Trail to 201 Street linking to the existing multi-use path on Golden Ears Way in Surrey.

96 Avenue Sidewalk Phase 2 - $169,000
Construct new sidewalks on both sides of 96 Ave between Trattle Street and Edal Strett.

Fraser Highway Widening and Intersection Improvements - $2,345,650
The widening project between the 24600 and 25000 blocks of Fraser Highway, including a separated multi-use path for pedestrians and cyclists.

Pedestrian Bridge at 56 Avenue and 216 Street - $13,250
Renew the bridge deck.

200 Street Pedestrian Overpass at 68th Avenue - $261,725
Recoating of the structure is required to increase its life span.

Some of these projects are part of multi-year funding agreements with TransLink, such as the $2.3 million 208th Street Cycling Project, which received funding from TransLink in previous years too.

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