Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TransLink has contributed half a billion to road maintenance in Metro Vancouver

While TransLink is best known for the transit service it provides, and for the bridges that it owns and maintains such as the Golden Ears Bridge and the Pattullo Bridge, TransLink also is jointly responsible for maintaining 600 kilometres of roads throughout the region.

As you can see on the following map, TransLink jointly maintains a larger road network than the provincial government within Metro Vancouver. TransLink contributes $19,810 per lane kilometre for operation, maintenance and pavement rehabilitation to municipalities who have roads in the major road network. This amount in inflation adjusted each year.

Map of road network in Metro Vancouver. Major road network in blue, provincial roads in red. Select map to enlarge.

When a road is in the major road network it must be a truck route, and a municipality cannot reduce the people handling capacity of the road.

TransLink has contributed more than $500 million to maintain the major road network since 1999. In 2016, TransLink is contributing $38.5 million to the operation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of the major road network. About a third of that flows back into the South of Fraser. The following list shows the funding for South of Fraser municipalities:

Delta: $2.4 million
Langley City: $528,500
Langley Township: $2.9 million
Surrey: $6.8 million
White Rock: $67,000

In addition to helping keep the major road network in a state of good repair, TransLink also provides 50% funding for eligible costs of larger capital projects that enhance the major road network, or improve cycling infrastructure throughout the region. In 2016, TransLink is investing $9.8 million for these capital projects. Some South of Fraser projects include:

Ladner Trunk Road and 72 Street Intersection Improvements: $96,900
203 Street Protected Bike Lanes: $171,500
Fraser Highway Widening in Langley Township: $720,000
New Bikeways within Brookswood and Fernridge in Langley: $80,000
King George Boulevard Widening: $2.4 million
Fraser Heights Greenway in Surrey: $402,900

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