Thursday, May 26, 2016

Listen to the panel discussion on commuting in Metro Vancouver

This morning, I was on a panel on Roundhouse Radio with Mario Canseco from Insights West and Gordon Price from the SFU City Program. We were talking about commuting in Metro Vancouver, and Insights West’s research that found people in Metro Vancouver are generally happy with their commute.

Is your commute pleasant or annoying in Metro Vancouver? Select graph to see the results.

According to Mario, and not surprising, people with shorter commutes are happier than people with longer commutes. It was also no surprise that people who take transit don’t mind longer commutes as much as people who drive. The Insights West research is validated by surveys done in the past by Statistics Canada.

On the panel, we also talked about what needs to be done in Metro Vancouver to ensure that people’s experience of commuting within Metro Vancouver doesn’t degrade.

We were all asked if we thought that commuting in Metro Vancouver has become better or worse than a decade ago. We all thought that it has become better, with some caveats.

You can listen to the full panel discussion at the Roundhouse Radio website.

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