Monday, July 5, 2021

Proposed project at Surrey border could result in removal of 87 Trees. Langley City concerned.

The Surrey/Langley City border is parkland and public open space from 54th Avenue to 48th Avenue. There is private land between 46th Avenue and 48th Avenue which is forested.

Hi-Knoll Park in Surrey.

Many people in the area value the ecological services that this forest provides. Unfortunately, this area is zoned rural regionally. It is not a protected area.

The property owner of this forest has applied to the City of Surrey to develop one single-family estate home. Surrey City Council has given first and second reading to rezone the property to enable the development.

There are currently 229 trees on the site. The property owner will be allowed to remove 87 trees, but must replace 51 of the trees.

Tree removal and replacement plan for Application No.: 7916-0300-00. Select image to enlarge.

Langley City is concerned about the project and is not providing road, water, or sewer service to facilitate the development of the property.

The project will have road access via 196th Street, which sits 50% in Surrey.

Langley City is concerned about the project as:

  1. The only road access for the four proposed new lots* is derived from 196 Street and thus any traffic accessing the property would be required to travel through the City of Langley on 46 Avenue. The City of Langley does not support the creation of new parcels outside its boundaries that rely on City roads for access.
  2. The proposed northward extension of 196 Street in this area is not consistent with the City of Langley’s Master Transportation Plan (and Official Community Plan Road Network Map) and is not supported.
  3. Construction of the proposed 196 Street road extension would negatively impact adjacent City residents through land clearing, earth moving and truck traffic.
  4. The proposed subdivision would create four separate parcels* outside of the Agricultural Land Reserve, potentially encouraging further development applications on these isolated and unserviced boundary lots. Notwithstanding the current “Rural” land use designation, the City of Langley believes that the creation of these parcels will increase the likelihood of future applications for urban development and the attendant requests for urban services.

Surrey will require the property owner to also “secure approvals from Langley Township and an offsite ROW for the 196 Street road drainage” before development can proceed.

As a Langley City resident, there are two ways to express your opinion on this proposed project.

You can contact Surrey City Council and submit feedback as part of the public hearing process. You can cite “Application No.: 7916-0300-00.”

You can also write to Township of Langley Council about the “offsite ROW for the 196 Street road drainage” to enable the project.

As Langley City, our options are limited.

*Since the City expressed its concerns, the development proposal is now a one-lot project.

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