Thursday, July 15, 2021

Langley City Council Awards $122,476.29 in Community Grants. Council Applies to Feds, Province, and UBCM for Infrastructure Grants

Earlier this year, Langley City Council awarded $114,076.29 in Community Grants to organizations that positively improve the quality of life for all Langley City residents. Council usually has two grant intake periods throughout the year. On Monday, Council awarded an additional $8,400 in grants to the following organizations.

Recipient Amount
Archway Community Services – Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity $1,000
Boys and Girls Club of Langley $2,000
Ecowaves Community Volunteer Club $500
Langley Arts Council $2,500
Langley Ukulele Association $1,650

In 2021, Council awarded a total of $122,476.29 in community grants.

Council also applied for grants on Monday.

Council authorized City staff to apply to the Canada Community Revitalization Fund to pay for $750,000 of the $1.5 million required to complete phase 4 of the City Park Master Plan.

Phase 4 City Park Field Upgrade Project Outlined in Purple. Select Image to Enlarge.

Council also authorized staff to apply to the BC Active Transportation Grant Program for the 208 St Cycling Improvements Project. TransLink contributed $1.67 million to help fund this $2.22 million project which will fill in the gap of bike lanes between Fraser Highway and 52 A Avenue.

Council authorized staff to apply to the UBCM Local Government Development Approvals Program for a $150,000 grant to cover the cost of creating a Major Storm Overland Flow Path Mapping. This mapping will help speed up development applications while ensuring that developer-provided infrastructure and City-owned infrastructure will handle a 100-year storm event. Given the impacts of climate change, this is critical as these 100-year events are now becoming 10-year events.

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