Monday, February 1, 2021

January 25 Council Meeting: Park Avenue Rooftop Pickleball, Development Proposal at 53A and 201A, Public Hearing for Eastleigh Development Proposal

Last Monday, Langley City council reviewed several development proposals, as well as hosted a public hearing.

Council previously approved a 6-storey, 93-unit apartment building on the north side of Park Avenue. This building is currently under construction. The project's proponent sought council's approval to add around 17 rooftop solar panels and rooftop amenity space to the building. One of the unique features of the rooftop will be a pickleball court.

Rendering of rooftop solar panels and amenity space for 20449 Park Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

The City provided an opportunity for people to give feedback on these additions. Council received input from a resident who lived across the street concerned about the rooftop amenity space creating noise and impacting their view of the mountains.

The project's proponent noted that the amenity space's setback from the roofline reduces the amenity area's visibility. They agreed to work with the City to move some elements to improve mountain views.

The pickleball court sounds will be minimal and will not impact units, including the building's top-floor units. The court will have a 1.5-metre tall glass guardrail plus a 0.9-metre tall net above. The proponent of the project will work to ensure that the glass is visible for birds.

Council approved the rooftop amenity space and solar panels. This is the first apartment building I've seen in Langley City with solar panels and rooftop amenity space.

Council also gave first and second reading for a 5-storey, 18-unit apartment building at the corner of 53A Avenue and 201A Street.

Rendering of proposed 5-storey, 18-unit apartment at 20172 53A Avenue. Select image to enlarge.

The proposed building will have 2-bedroom plus flex units. Loading for the building will have to be accommodating from 53A Avenue. The City has scheduled a public hearing for this proposal on February 8th at 7 pm.

Council also held a public hearing for a 6-storey, 88-unit apartment located along Eastleigh Crescent on a currently vacant site. Council received several comments in favour of the proposed project. Council also received correspondence from a resident in the area concerned about on-street parking both during construction and after. Another resident has some specific concerns about the placement of the garbage bins and construction noise.

On-site loading will be a part of this proposed project. The proponent of the project will also be providing off-site parking for construction crews. I reminded the proponent that they are working in an area where people live and that I'll be keeping them accountable for their plan to provide off-site parking for construction crews.


Unknown said...

is this a rental property ?

Nathan Pachal said...

Which project?