Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February 8 Council Meeting: Extended library hours, anti-slip treads in McBurney Plaza and on bridges, Spirit Square light policy considered

Langley City council heard from Councillor Martin, the Fraser Valley Regional Library board chair, at the Monday afternoon public meeting. She stated that starting February 22nd, our library branch will be open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday thru Thursday. She noted that the medium-term goal is to restore the branch’s regular hours of 9 am to 9 pm Monday thru Thursday and Sunday hours.

Rick Bomhof, the Director of Engineering, Parks & Environment, provided an update to council.

He noted that the three new picnic shelters near Al Anderson Memorial Pool would be ready for May.

Mr. Bomhof stated that the City added anti-slip treads to McBurney Plaza. I asked if the City would use the same treads for the pedestrian/cycling bridges that the City is renewing at Portage Park and Nicomekl Park. The bridge decks can get slippery. He said that staff would explore adding anti-slip treads.

Crews removing bridge at Portage Park for restoration.

He also outlined the following:

  • Staff added new vandal-resistant doors to the washrooms at Portage Park.
  • Several large trees in City Park and Sendall Gardens fell due to wind and wet soil. Staff used the tree limbs to make railings for Sendall Gardens.
  • Staff will remove downtown holiday lights starting February 15th. The tall trees on the side of Innes Corners Plaza now have permanent lights.
  • Staff widened and renewed the sidewalk on the southwest corner of 56th Avenue and the Langley Bypass.
  • Staff is replacing water meters throughout the community to ensure accurate readings.
  • The City installed a new chlorine analyzer at our reservoir site to ensure continued safe drinking water for residents and performed regular maintenance at the site.
  • Staff wrapped the traffic control box with a photo at 204th and 53rd Avenue to reduce vandalism.
  • The Mayor also proposed a motion that “staff be directed to prepare a report to Council on implementation of a policy for the use of the Spirit Square lighting system in responding to requests to the City to light up outdoor City locations in recognition of various causes and occasions.” Council approved this motion unanimously.

    Please read a previous post to learn more about Monday’s council meeting.

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