Tuesday, November 24, 2020

November 23 Council Meeting: West Country Hotel proposed redevelopment to include below-market rental and expanded Michaud Park

Early this year, the West Country Hotel shut its doors for good. On Monday night, Langley City council gave first and second reading to a zoning bylaw to accommodate a 6-storey, 213-unit rental apartment in its place. There are several items of note for this proposed redevelopment.

Rendering of the proposed project looking from 56th Avenue (20222 56 Avenue). Select image to enlarge.

If approved by council, the developer will build a through-lane that connects 56th Avenue to Michaud Crescent. This lane will travel along the eastern side of the property. This lane will run along a City easement, which will ensure that this lane will be open into the foreseeable future for the public to walk, cycle, or drive.

Rendering of the proposed project’s new public lane. Select image to enlarge.

Because this new lane will require the gravel path on the Michaud Community Park’s east side, the project’s proponent will undertake a land exchange if this development proposal is approved. This land exchange will allow 11 new community garden plots to be created at Michaud Park for a total of 29 plots.

Rendering of the proposed project looking from Michaud Crescent (20237 Michaud Crescent) including community garden expansion. Select image to enlarge.

This project’s proponent is also applying to the CMHC as part of the Federal Rental Housing Construction Financial Program. If council approves this project, at least 20 percent of the proposed units will be below-market rents. These rents will be set at 30% of the median income in Metro Vancouver.

A housing agreement may be created between the City and the project’s proponent to ensure that these units remain affordable over time.

This proposed project will have 142 one-bedroom units, 65 two-bedroom units, and six studio units. These units include accessible (10% of total units), adaptable (2% of total units), and universal design units (1% of total units).

EV charging stations within the underground parking is part of the proposed design.

The next step will be a public hearing for people to provide feedback on this proposed development.


Anonymous said...

Was there any consideration for requiring some retail along 56th with this development? I am a bit suprised this isnt a mixed use project considering the area.

Nathan Pachal said...

I think the focus is on mixed-use on the north side of 56th Avenue right now. I would certainly support a mixed-use project though.