Thursday, November 5, 2020

Langley City projects completed or in progress for October

Once a month, Langley City council receives an update on the various civil projects that the City is currently working on or has recently completed. I outlined some of the projects on Monday and Tuesday. The remaining projects are as follows:

  • A new median installed along 203rd Street between Fraser Highway and 56 Avenue. Crews will complete paving in the spring
  • A new crosswalk placed on 48th at Simonds Elementary
  • A new retaining wall and upgraded paved path to City Park along 205A Street at the connection to the Nicomekl Floodplain trail system
  • A repaved railway cross at Production Way
  • A new rock pit placed in the middle of 46 Avenue and 206A Street to support stormwater drainage
  • A new sensor installed to measure the level of Logan Creek at the Langley Bypass
  • A new electrical service installed in Douglas Park to support enhanced Christmas decorations
  • New trees placed in Uplands Dog Park and the recently completed rock area
  • Renewed wooden Brydon Lagoon and Sendall Gardens signs reinstalled
  • Replacement of old turquoise streetlights with black LED streetlight is continuing Downtown
  • New picnic shelters installed at City Park that will be similar in design to the picnic shelter at Portage Park

Besides the visible projects, City staff is also monitoring sewer flows in our community to ensure that we have the right size piping to handle future needs because our population continues to grow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,

City staff has identified Langley City's population is growing due to the monitoring of our sewer systems. Along with a growing population comes a review of core city Services. As identified the population in the city is growing, so what is councils plan for increasing policing services? What is the plan for increasing fire staffing levels? What is the plan for other city services to handle a growing population?


Nathan Pachal said...

Langley City’s pending Offical Community Plan will address this. It is due to come out early next year.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Nathan