Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Metro Vancouver releases new management plan for Campbell Valley Regional Park

At a little over 5 square kilometres or half the size of Langley City, Campbell Valley Regional Park is a significant recreation and conservation area in our region.

The Metro Vancouver Regional District just completed its Campbell Valley Regional Park Management Plan. This management plan will guide the vision for this park over the next 20-years.

The vision for the park is to "connects people to natural and cultural landscapes. Its river valley, forests, and grasslands contain a diversity of ecosystems and experiences where visitors recreate, discover, and experience nature."

Based on the vision, regional district staff developed the following four goals to guide management of the park:

Recreate and Connect with the Park
Provide high quality and safe facilities that offer a variety of opportunities for visitors to recreate and connect with nature while protecting the park's significant natural and cultural features.
Connect Visitors to the Park's Cultural and Natural Heritage
Enhance visitor experience and understanding by providing opportunities to learn about the park's cultural and natural heritage.
Protect and Enhance the Park's Diverse Ecological Values
Develop approaches for ongoing monitoring, protection, enhancement, and adaptive management of the park's diverse ecosystems and habitats.
Foster Relationships and Collaborate with the Park's Community
Provide opportunities for community involvement through learning, stewardship and engagement.

More details about how these goals will impact the management of the park are in section 6 of the plan. The management plan also includes an overall concept plan map and detailed maps for the park's key activity areas.

Concept plan for Campbell Valley Regional Park. Select map to enlarge.

Concept plan for South Valley activity area. Select map to enlarge.

Concept plan for South Upland area. Select map to enlarge.

Concept plan for Little River Bowl/Historic Langley Speedway. Select map to enlarge.

The last management plan for Campbell Valley Regional Park was completed in 1998. This updated management plan will be going to the Metro Vancouver Regional District board for approval.

The regional district also recently completed a management plan for Aldergrove Regional Park.

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