Thursday, November 12, 2020

A decrease in calls for service to RCMP in Langley City due to COVID-19

Previous to the COVID-19 Pandemic, calls for service from Langley City businesses and residents to the Langley RCMP was trending up. A call for service is recorded whenever anyone contacts the RCMP, typically via 911, the RCMP non-emergency line at 604-532-3200, or via the online crime reporting tool.

An increase in calls for service does not necessarily mean there is more crime in a community. For example, a campaign to report all suspicious activity to the RCMP could increase the number of calls for service, but not lead to an increase in reported crimes.

Since the start of the COVID-19 state of emergency, calls for service to the Langley RCMP from Langley City has decreased significantly.

2019 2020 % Change
January 1163 1113 -4.3%
February 1093 1150 5.2%
March 1246 1269 1.8%
April 1152 1084 -5.9%
May 1256 1072 -14.6%
June 1129 965 -14.5%
July 1358 1175 -13.5%
August 1359 1110 -18.3%
September 1248 1046 -16.2%
October 1301 1101 -15.4%
November 1272 - -
December 1200 - -

As I posted in the summer, overall report crime is also down in Langley City. It would seem that the COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in less calls for service and less reported crime in Langley City.

There are two theories that I’ve heard. One is that with more people at home, the opportunity to commit property-related crime is down. The second theory is that with COVID-19 benefits from the federal government, some people may not be committing crimes to make ends meet. It would be interesting to see more research on this.

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