Thursday, August 20, 2020

Why does it seem that August is always a busy month for construction projects in Langley City?

Over the last few weeks, you’ve likely noticed that there are various construction projects occurring in the Nicomekl trail system. You likely also noticed the replacement of the culvert under the Langley Bypass at Logan Creek is underway. While summer is always a busy time for construction, it might seem that August is an especially busy period for City construction projects.

Trail closure sign. Select image to enlarge.

It is not just in your mind, August is a busy period for construction projects in our community.

Nicomekl River Erosion Control Works project sign. Select image to enlarge.

It is a busy period for construction because we have a significant number of rivers, creeks, streams, and drainage ditches in Langley City. Because these watercourses contain fish, any construction project that directly impacts watercourses must follow provincial regulations which help to minimize risk to fish and other aquatic organisms.

The lowest risk to fish is around August as shown in the following chart from the provincial government.

Highest (dark shaded) and Lowest (un-shaded) Risk Periods for Lower Mainland Fish Species. Select table to enlarge.

These tight low-risk windows are also why a small delay in a construction project around a watercourse can cause the project to be delayed for a year. Projects must occur within the low-risk window.

If you’d like to learn more about the importance of watercourses in our community for salmon, please check out the Nicomekl Enhancement Society website.

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