Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Official City Statement: Curb-side Recycling in Langley City

As I posted about in July, there was a recent change to residential recycling in Langley City. Through the provincial government’s Extended Producer Responsibility program, industrial sectors are responsible for recycling the products that they produce. For packaging and printing material, Recycle BC is the industry-funded organization that is responsible for residential recycling throughout the province. In Langley City, Recycle BC handles all single-family, townhouse, and apartment recycling. Langley City, the municipality, has no role in residential recycling. Neither property tax nor municipal fees are used to pay for recycling services in Langley City.

Single-Family Recycling Bins

Regardless, Langley City council and staff have received a number of complaints about the recent changes to the single-family curb-side recycling program for our community.

Langley City has released the following statement:

In 2014 the Province mandated that a producer-run recycling program be implemented as a means of incentivizing reduced packaging and waste by producers. As of January 2015, Recycle BC began overseeing single-family recycling collection in the City of Langley and the City was no longer involved in the curbside recycling collection program. At that time the City eliminated the recycling component of the utility fee on residential tax notices and the service is now provided at no cost to curbside collection customers.

The new contractor, GFL Environmental, is enforcing collection rules more vigilantly than had been done in the past. Recycle BC has determined that proper sorting is imperative to the success of the recycling program as contamination results in recycling being redirected to the landfill. This will mean that we all need to be more diligent in sorting our recyclables. For more information please visit

If you have any questions or concerns about the curbside collection program, please contact the collection contractor, GFL Environmental, at 778.765.3662 or If unsatisfied with their response, then contact Recycle BC at 778-588-9504; Toll Free 1-855-875-3596 or

We recognize that this transition has presented some frustration to our residents. We all share the common goal of seeing this program succeed as it is an important piece in protecting our environment.

Thank you for your patience and your commitment to recycling during this transition period. For more information about garbage, recycling and organic waste in the City, visit

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