Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Unofficially naming the parklet at the corner of Production Way and Fraser Highway. People’s suggestions revealed.

Over the last few weeks, I asked people to submit their naming suggestions for the unnamed parklet at the corner of Fraser Highway and Production Way. This survey was not official in any way.

Location of unnamed parklet - 5999 Production Way. Select image to enlarge.

With so many serious things going on right now, sometimes it is good to have a little break. There were 47 suggestions received. There were of course some silly suggestions such as Parky McParkface and Pachal Park.

After some curation of the names received, here is the list of suggestions with context as required:

  • By the Rails Park
  • FP Park - Fraser Production.
  • Fraser Way Park
  • Heroes Park
  • Hunter Vogel Park - First Mayor of Langley City. Appointed between March 15, 1955 and May 29, 1955.
  • Industrial Park
  • Jack Arnold Park - Long serving Langley City Councillor from 1990 until 2018.
  • Joe Chesney Park - Started BC's first full-time country music radio station, broadcasting from Langley from the early 1960s to mid 1980s.
  • Lucky Triangle Park
  • Pleasant Park
  • Production Park
  • Railway Park
  • SkyTrain View Park
  • tawâw Park – Cree word meaning “come in, you're welcome; there's room.”
  • Triangle Park
  • Willowbrook Park

In the next little bit, I’ll put together a survey for people to vote for the unofficial name of the park based on these suggestions.

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Erik Vogel said...

Awesome, thanks Nathan for even asking for public input! Refreshing.
Hunter Vogel was also a three term MLA for this riding (Delta/Surrey/ Langley under the Social Credit and is a freeman in Langley City.