Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Latest news on SkyTrain to Langley

Is the SkyTrain really coming to Langley? This is a question that I get asked from time to time, and the answer is yes. While funding is currently only available to build the extension of SkyTrain to Fleetwood today, work is actively underway to secure the funding required to get the line built to Langley.

Map of proposed SkyTrain extension to Langley. In two stages. Select map to view.

One of the first steps to securing funding is to complete the business case to build SkyTrain to Langley. TransLink management is providing an update to the TransLink board later this week, including the latest updates on expending SkyTrain along Fraser Highway.

Full Scenario: King George to Langley City Centre Fleetwood Scenario: King George to 166 St
Scope 16 km
8 stations
55 vehicles
7 km
4 stations
25 vehicles
Ridership 62,000 in 2035
71,200 in 2050
39,900 in 2035
44,200 in 2050
New transit trips 24,000 in 2035
30,000 in 2050
12,000 in 2035
14,000 in 2050
Benefit cost ratio 1.24 1.12
Capital cost* $3.12 billion $1.63 billion
Annual operating cost† $32.4 million $17.0 million
Annual fare revenue† $21.3 million $10.2 million
In-service date 5.5 years fromproject approval 5.5 years fromproject approval

Work done since earlier this fall includes:

  • Completing a corridor geotechnical investigation program
  • Completing a reference case design
  • Completing studies to support the project environmental screening review
  • Completing risk workshops, risk analysis and industry market sounding to support assessment of procurement options
  • Initiated briefings with senior government on elements of the draft business case
  • Advanced negotiation of agreements with Surrey, Langley City, and Township of Langley
  • Advanced Operations and Maintenance Centre (OMC) programming and site assessment analysis
  • A second round of public engagement

The business case for this SkyTrain extension will be completed early next year. Once the business case is signed-off, formal funding agreements will be drafted with the federal and provincial governments. Once complete, an 18-month procurement process will start for building SkyTrain to Fleetwood, followed by a 4-year construction, testing, and commissioning period.

The federal and provincial governments have pledged their support for the Mayors’ Council transit vision which includes building SkyTrain to Langley. The missing funding to build to Langley is the regional portion. The Mayors’ Council will need to figure out the right combination of property tax, gas tax, and/or development charges to complete their full transit vision which includes SkyTrain to Langley. I’m optimistic that they will be able to sort this out next year.

* Year of expenditure, costs for project completion to Langley will increase the longer construction is delayed
† 2019 dollars

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S. said...

Are we all *really* going to pretend to be surprised when it's announced that "Oops, we'll just end it in Surrey after all"? It's been a bait and switch lead by the Surrey mayor all along and our political leaders have just played along.