Wednesday, December 11, 2019

80% of people support Langley City funding a performing art centre. Support for cannabis stores, more house options, and more investment into the community.

Langley City’s recently released the results of its community survey. This survey is done every three years, and is based on a representative sample of people from the community. Yesterday, I posted about how people feel about the quality of life in our community, what contributes or detracts from their quality of life, and what major issues are facing Langley City, both today and historically. Another part of the survey focused on getting people’s opinions about potential initiatives that the City could pursue.

People who participated in the survey where asked about various proposals to improve parks and recreation facilities. The following lists some proposals, and their level of support:

A wildlife interpretive centre along the Nicomekl River: 76%
Additional community gardens: 74%
Additional off-leash dog areas: 65%
A new indoor pool: 64%
Pocket parks in Downtown Langley: 62%
Enclosing Al Anderson Pool: 45%

56% of people that completed the survey supported cannabis retail stores coming to Langley City. Of note is that people are very passionate about this topic with 31% of people strongly supportive of cannabis retail and 35% strongly opposed.

People where also supportive of adding small-scale retail at certain locations in neighbourhoods south of the Nicomekl River. Along with this, people were interested in seeing more housing options in those neighbourhoods such as duplexes, townhouses, and smaller lot homes. All these items were supported by at least 2/3rds of people in our community, including the majority of people that live south of the Nicomekl River.

The majority of people who completed the survey were also supportive of the City providing financial incentives to increase the stock of affordable housing in our community.

I am a strong supporter of the City building a performing art centre in Downtown Langley. When asked if they would support Langley City funding part of the construction and on-going operating expenses of a performing art centre in our Downtown, 80% of people said “Yes, please!”

80% of people support the City funding a performing arts centre in our downtown. Select image to enlarge.

One of the concerns in our community is around on-street parking. Similar to previous years, there was virtually no support for installing parking meters to help with turn-over in Downtown Langley. About 41% of people supported parking permits to help make more on-street parking available in residential areas.

I did not post about all the topics that were covered in the community survey. Please view the complete community survey results on Langley City’s website.

The community survey is completed over the phone, and has been since its inception. This year, there was an option for people to complete the survey online as well. The results of the online survey were not weighted, so they are not a representative sample of the community. Even so, while the results of the web survey were different, they tracked with the sentiment of people who completed the phone survey. These web survey results are available from the City’s website.

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