Wednesday, December 18, 2019

December 16 Council Meeting: Call to Artists for Public Art. Crime Prevention Task Group Mandate Renewed.

Langley City has several committees and task groups which investigate specific topics on behalf of council, and make recommendations for council to consider. These task groups and committees can include members of council, members of the public, city staff, and people who are topic experts.

At Monday night’s council meeting, several committee recommendations were approved by council.

The Arts and Culture Task Group recommended that a Call to Artists be made for the creation of a wrap-around mural on the washroom building at Linwood Park. The mural submissions will be required to be themed around the interurban passenger and freight electric railway that used to run down the middle of Michaud Crescent until the 1950s. The budget for this mural would include $2,000 for materials, and $1,000 as an honorarium.

This recommendation was approved by council.

Another Call to Artist was recommended by the Arts and Culture Task Group for a feature art piece at City Park located near the picnic shelters. This feature art piece would be funded up to $20,000 using money from the City’s Public Art Fund.

This recommendation was approved by council with the Mayor opposed. The City’s Public Art Fund currently sit at $40,000.

The Arts and Culture Task Group will review artists’ submissions, and will present their recommendations to council for final approval.

Council also approved extending the mandate of its Crime Prevention Task Group until the end of 2020 with an updated mandate. This updated mandate will focus the task group’s work on:

  • Continuing to advance media messaging around crime prevention and community defense model programs in collaboration with the City’s Communication Officer
  • Continuing with the door-to-door “Know Your Neighbour” campaign
  • In partner with the Community Police Office, promoting and educating residents about existing RCMP programs such as Block Watch, crime prevention such as CPTED, and community defense model programs such as neighbourhood gatherings
  • In partnership with the Community Police Office, Downtown Langley Business Association and Chamber of Commerce, promoting and educating business owners about existing RCMP programs, crime prevention, and community defense model programs

At the December 9th meeting, council received an update on the implementation of some recommendations made by the Crime Prevention Task Group including:

  • Three new lights that were installed in the lane north of Fraser Highway west and east of Salt Lane and four additional lights that were installed in Fuller Lane south of Fraser Highway
  • Community gardens along Michaud that have been completed, and community gardens that are being built in Douglas Park

Tomorrow, I will post about the remaining items covered over the last two council meetings.

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