Monday, December 16, 2019

December 9 Council Meeting: Changes to City utility rates for 2020. New banking contract saves money.

The 2020 budgeting process is well underway for most municipalities in BC, including Langley City. One of the first steps in this process is to approve bylaws which enable changes to the water, sewer, and solid waste charges for the 2020 fiscal year.

Langley City is a member of the Metro Vancouver Regional District. As a member, the City purchases water and sewer services from the regional district. Indirectly, the City’s solid waste removal contractors also use Metro Vancouver waste transfer stations, landfills, and the waste-to-energy facility. Metro Vancouver is in the process of upgrading these critical utilities, not just for accommodating population growth, but to replace aging infrastructure and meet updated federal regulations for drinking water and sewage. This means that these utility rates are increasing in 2020.

Langley City charges a base $75 each for water and sewer services, for a total of $150 per household. These charges are meant to pay for maintaining the pipes and other fixed assets that are not dependent on the amount of water used. Langley City purchases water from the regional district. For residential users, the water rate is increasing by 4 per cubic metre to $1.35. The sewer rate is increasing by 8 per cubic metre to $1.27.

Langley City has water meters. The water rate is based on 100% of a water meter reading. The sewer rate is based on 80% of a water meter reading.

For households that receive City garbage service, the rate is increasing to $204 per year. Strata properties and commercial properties are responsible for looking after their own garbage.

At last Monday’s council meeting, there were also some housekeeping matters that were addressed.

Through a competitive process, BMO Bank of Montreal was awarded a five-year banking service agreement to be the City’s primary supplier of banking services. This will result in an annual reduction of $1,050 in the City’s banking fees, plus an annual increase of approximately $60,000 in interest income.

Council approved a update to its Public Art Policy to change the wording about the public advisory committee that is responsible for making recommendations about public art in our community.

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