Tuesday, May 23, 2017

VIDEO: Learn about the traffic calming and safety feature along the 203rd Street Corridor

With the 203rd Street corridor now fully open to all modes of travel, and with its grand opening scheduled for June 9th, I’ve received some questions about this recently completed project.

The project’s goals were to make the corridor safer and more inviting for people to walk or cycle. One of the other goals was to reduce speeding along the corridor. I put together the following video which provides a brief overview of the design goals of the project, and how they were implemented. I’m hoping this video will answer some of the questions I’ve received.

I’m pretty excited about this project’s completion because it is the first corridor in our community that has been designed with all road users in mind, and has been designed to ensure that the majority of people driving do not exceed the speed limit. I see more people walking and riding their bicycles along 203rd than in the past, I’ve also seen a reduction in people speeding. Compared to the old design, it’s no surprise.

Section of narrow sidewalk on 203rd Street at 54th Avenue from December 2014. Select image to enlarge.

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