Monday, May 1, 2017

5-year draft strategic plan released: Truly making Langley City the place to be

I ran for Langley City council because I believe that local government has a direct, daily impact on people’s quality of life and the environment in which we all live. Running water, working sewers, great parks, safe streets, and a strong downtown are all the results of a well-run local government.

Beyond being an advocate for members of the community, the role of city council is to create policies, and set the direction, that guide work done by city staff.

Every member of Langley City council is independent which means that we all view what is in the best interest of our community through a different lens. One of the key documents that guides Langley City is its 5-Year Strategic Plan.

Langley City council and staff spent a good amount of time in workshops, distilling the viewpoints of every council member into one cohesive strategic plan. The strategic plan is the guiding document for all other City polices and plans. It also guides day-to-day City operations at a high-level.

Langley City has recently released its draft 2017-2021 strategic plan to seek public feedback. One of the overall guiding principles for Langley City council, and is evident in how City staff operate today, is a customer service focus.

Langley City's Full Circle Customer Service Model.

For example, if you use our City’s Request for Service portal to report a problem or express a concern, the City's goal is to get back to you within 24 hours of a request.

The key priorities in the draft plan are:

  • Infrastructure Renewal: We recognize the need for, and are committed to, establishing, a long-term, financially-responsible infrastructure renewal plan for all municipal assets.
  • Quality of Life: We are a community that is an ideal place to raise a family, offers a welcoming and affordable living environment, boasts great leisure and recreational opportunities, and supports healthy, safe and diverse neighbourhoods.
  • Communication: We communicate effectively with our citizens, customers, partners, and stakeholders, involving them in decisions which impact and interest them, and engaging them in public life.
  • Revitalization: We have a revitalized downtown core that is vibrant, clean and safe, is a desirable location for industry, and our policies and strategies create a vibrant economy that position the City as the Regional Hub in the Fraser Valley for innovation, education, technology, shopping, health industry, leisure, and entertainment.
  • Environment: We continue to focus on protecting, promoting and enhancing environmental assets in the community.
  • Protective Services: We maintain and foster partnerships with law enforcement agencies, community groups, neighbourhoods, and citizens to address public safety and socio-economic issues in the community.
  • Organizational Excellence: We stand out as a results-oriented, engaged and innovative work force with a strong service ethic and high level of customer service, and a City Council that is accessible to its citizens.

You can see the breakdown of these priorities in the following graphic.

Langley City's proposed priorities and key initiatives in the draft 5-year strategic plan. Select table to enlarge.

You can view the Strategic Plan at a Glance on the City’s website. If you have any feedback you’d like to provide about the plan, please email with the subject heading “Draft 2017-2021 Strategic Plan” by Wednesday, May 10, 2017.

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