Tuesday, May 16, 2017

An introduction to the new Langley City brand

Over the last little while, Langley City council has set policies to renew our community to build both social and physical infrastructure. Whether it is the record-level $4 million being invested into our parks system this year, or increased funding for family-friendly activities in our community, Langley City is turning a new page.

Of course, we still have challenges in our community such as reducing the number of people who are homeless, but we are tackling these challenges, and advocating to the federal and provincial governments for help.

New Langley City logo. Select image to enlarge.

With our renewed focus on community building, the timing was right to update Langley City’s brand. We are renewing our physical infrastructure, and items like park signs, banners, trail markers, and kiosks are being replaced. It is little to no cost to update branding as part of this renewal process.

An example of Langley City's new business cards and pocket folders. Select image to enlarge.

To be frank, our old branding was problematic; a warning sign was one of the strongest brand elements.

Old Langley City branding element.

A brand in more than a logo, and Langley City engaged with community stakeholders in a nine-mouth process to hash out what the City’s brand should accomplish. The results were that the brand must:

  • Differentiate the City from its neighbouring municipalities
  • Build and improve the City’s reputation
  • Nurture civic pride and engagement
  • Enhance the City’s ability to market itself nationally and internationally to recruit and attract investment, business, and people
  • Encourage innovative, sustainable development and experiences that support our vision as the place to be
  • Promote Downtown Langley as a dynamic place to live, learn, work, and play

Langley City’s new brand includes all visual identities for our community, but the item that usually receives the most attention is the logo. What is the story of our new logo?

Most community logos include the colours blue and green. In our region, these colours generally reference water, mountains, and greenery. While our new logo does reference the Nicomekl River and floodplain with a water element that runs across the “LC.” The new logo’s colour pallet references the City’s coat of arms. The name “Langley City” instead of the “City of Langley” acknowledges what locals already call our community today.

One element of the old brand that was retained was “The Place to Be” slogan. This tagline was kept because it is well-known in the community, and still represents Langley City’s vision.

Over the next little while, you’ll start to see the new brand being rolling out as the City continues with infrastructure renewal. Currently, the brand is being rolled-out on the City's website.

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L. Eliot said...

Personally, I find the new City logo boring and the colours are harsh and (dare I say it) masculine in their harshness. The colours sure don't resonate as being comfortable or uplifting for me at all. The lines are decisive and abrupt. Naw, I find it hard to get behind this new logo for the City.