Thursday, May 11, 2017

DLP002: Hear my conversation with Jordon Miller about local government, transportation, and community engagement

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to sit down and chat with Jordon Miller who is the co-owner of the Vancouver-based Dandy Lion Cargo Bikes. He also recently started “The Dandy Lion Podcast” which is a long-form conversation format podcast featuring people who, according to Jordon, are doing “incredibly positive” things in Metro Vancouver.

During the podcast, we chatted about why I got involved in local government. We talked about why partisanship in local government doesn’t work well, and why providing a high-quality of life for residents by delivering services is the core mandate for local government.

We had a conversation about the increase in people who are experiencing homelessness in Metro Vancouver and Langley, and the role of local, provincial, and federal governments to reduce homelessness.

We also chatted about regional cooperation, bridges, TransLink, and road pricing. We talked about the importance of engaging citizens in our community. I also talked about how Langley City council is working to create public space that builds a strong, health community.

Here is Jordan’s synopsis on the podcast:

Nathan is a City Councillor in Langley City, and the author of the popular South Fraser blog, where he posts regularly on the topics of urban planning, sustainability, and transportation in Metro Vancouver. I’m a regular reader of Nathan’s because I really appreciate his evidence-based, analytical approach…

…He’s also incredibly well-versed in the developmental history of our region, and that knowledge certainly seems to influence his decision-making. If you find yourself pessimistic about politicians in general, Nathan certainly comes across as a breath of fresh air.

You can listen to the podcast below or on SoundCloud:

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