Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Build it and they will come: Timms Community Centre

The new Timms Community Centre has been open for a little over a year now, and whenever I'm at Timms, it is always busy. But just how busy is the new community centre?

In 2015, 43 drop-in fitness programs and 77 fitness programs that required registration were offered. With the addition of the new Timms Centre in 2016, 106 drop-in fitness programs and 146 fitness programs that required registration were offered.

One of the stats that I’m really pleased to see is the increase in the number of youth that are using our recreation services. In 2015, 1138 young people participated in drop-in activities. This increased to 2454 in 2016, a more than doubling! Some of the activities include girl’s nights, guy’s nights, youth nights, and youth week.

When you give young people opportunity to take part in positive activities, you reduce the likelihood of them taking part in negative activities.

People that live in Langley have a lower average income than the rest of the region. The opportunities that Langley City recreation services provide give people an affordable option to take part in positive activities that make them and our community healthier and happier.

The following graph shows how many times drop-in passes were used in 2016 and 2015 at Timms Community Centre. This statistic is different than number of participants. A participant can use a drop-in pass more than once.

2016 2015
Seniors 26380 9532
Adults 40022 29116
Students 2212 12
Youth 12630 5045
Children 6499 985
Family 1335 n/a
Total: 89078 44690

As shown in the table, drop-in pass usage has doubled.

These numbers clearly show that there is a desire from Langley City residents to take part in the activities provided by our recreation services department. I am happy to see that the City’s investment in Timms Community Centre is already paying off.

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