Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Township of Langley Cycling Network

Yesterday, Township of Langley council endorsed a new cycling network plan. By 2012, the Township will have the details of the plan complete including how to fund building the cycling network. Right now there is only minimal funding for building the complete cycling network. Hopefully the next council after this year's election will boldly fund cycling or I'll be in a retirement community before the ultimate build-out of this plan. Zero Avenue was not included in the cycling network and this is bound to upset some cyclists. From the Township's staff report:

Zero Avenue
There was a desire expressed by several members of the public to designate Zero Avenue as a Cycling Route. Staff has reviewed the current condition of the road and found that there are portions with either narrow or no shoulders, significant vertical grades that limit visibility, and high traffic speeds that result in concerns with the interaction of cyclists and vehicles. In addition, the existing narrow road right of way and the U.S. border on the south side of Zero Avenue limits the opportunity to provide any additional facilities for cyclists without significant capital expenditure.

Cyclists are legally allowed to ride on any road within the municipality and they may choose to ride on Zero Avenue. However, based upon the current condition of the road and the costs of potential upgrades, staff doesn’t believe it would be appropriate to designate Zero Avenue as a cycling route.

The Plan (Download the Full PDF)

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