Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Road, Tiny Sidewalk

If you live in the South Fraser you know that when new roads are built, they normally include sidewalks, bike lanes, and general travel lanes. Sadly, many of our pre-millennium roads consist of general travel lanes, and if you’re lucky, a tiny little sidewalk. Bringing some of these roads up to modern standards would cost a small fortune because they would have to acquire more right-of-way, but I have to wonder why other roads where never “fixed”.

203rd Street in Langley has a large right-of way...

...yet has a depressingly small sidewalk and no bike lanes.
Take 203rd Street in the City of Langley. It’s a two lane road that a person who is blind could drive and not hit anything, yet there are no bike lanes and shamefully tiny sidewalks.

While it would still be a large project to transform these types of streets, it is in the realm of possibility even in a city like Langley. Cities like Vancouver have been doing this kind of stuff for a while. Cities like Surrey are just starting to fix their road network because they realize that they can’t keep building for cars, but Langley is behind the ball. Given another 10 years and Langley will have no choice and will have to build inclusive transportation systems, but I have to wonder how small cities like Vernon can afford to build inclusive transportation system today while Langley can’t seem to find the money.

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