Monday, June 27, 2011

Guerrilla Art

If you've ever been to Surrey Central SkyTrain Station, you might have noticed a bench and light that are surrounded by a fence under the stairs to the SkyTrain platform.

A "loose group of community members, organizations and amateur-artists" called interbenchion has decided to highlight this absurdity by highlight the fact that this bench exists with some public art displays.

This is there first go at it.

It made me laugh because it actually is a model of a real public art installation at a transit loop in Portland.

There second installation was a UFO-themed bench.

I think that it's a testament to a changing community that there are people who care enough to do something like this because it's not really easy (though I'm sure TransLink sees this differently, unless there in on it.)

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Robert W. White said...

Haha! This is amazing. Way to go, everyone who was involved!