Friday, June 17, 2011

SkyTrain to become 100% accessible

For over thirty years, there has been two stations on the SkyTrain network which have not been accessible to all member of our region; Scott Road Station and Granville Station. A few years back Granville Station was upgraded to fully accessible status and work is now beginning to make Scott Road station accessible.

Fred Cummings presents award to Al Cleaver, former Surrey fire chief and member of the Access Transit User Advisory Committee.
The Federal Government, Provincial Government, and TransLink have started construction on a $5.1 million upgrade of Scott Road station that will see a new elevator to the bus loop open for service in 2012. With the completion of this project, the SkyTrain system will be 100% accessible according to Fred Cummings, president and general manager of the BC Rapid Transit Company that operates SkyTrain.

MP Russ Hiebert, MLA Stephanie Cadieux, and Fred Cummings officially launch construction at Scott Road
Ironically, the SkyTrain computer crashed and I almost missed the press conference. This project is part of the larger OnTrack program to upgrade the entire Expo/Millennium Line which will hopefully include a new SkyTrain computer!

Guide dog is bored stiff at the press conference...


Drew said...

Drew Snider, here, from TransLink. Nice try at being amusing, Nathan, but you should check your facts before publishing. The SkyTrain issue was not about a computer crashing, in fact the computer did its job: shut down the system because it was not receiving communication from the trains. We're still investigating what caused the delay.

Nathan Pachal said...

Good to know! Hopefully you find the source of the issue.

Joe Zaccaria said...

Why does TranLink get so defensive and nasty? Correct the information and maintain good PR.

The bottom line is that something failed and you can split hairs over what part of the system really failed, or provide more information to us. Nathan spends many hours writing and researching. It's not his full time job and he certainly doesn't receive any public funds to do this. Why not get a little appreciation for all his efforts? Where is the love TransLink?