Friday, May 20, 2011

Ottawa Update

I've been following the story of Ottawa's conversion from a Bus Rapid Transit town to a Light Rail town since the start of this blog. Last year, the City approved a new, electric 12.5km light rail system to complement the pilot diesel O-Train system that uses an old rail right-of-way. According to the Ottawa Citizen, the O-Train might be getting an expansion.
The O-Train could come as frequently as every eight minutes, half the current waiting time, under a $59-million plan discussed at a city transit commission meeting Wednesday
A few days ago, Ottawa released concept designs of the new light rail stations. You can view pictures on the City's project website and at the Ottawa Citizen
The goal of the designs for the 13 stations, from architecture to graphics, is to “ennoble the transit experience,” encourage ridership, and instil community pride, according to a presentation to be given Thursday to the city’s advisory committees on pedestrians and transit, and roads and cycling.

“Users of public transit deserve the highest level of design quality,” says the presentation by the City of Ottawa and its architecture and landscape design consultants.

An Older Overview Video

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