Monday, May 16, 2011

Light Rail in Victoria

As I posted earlier, it looks like Victoria is on the path to getting light rail transit. I was encouraged about the following story in the Victoria Times Colonist about bring light rail to a non-binding referendum in the fall municipal elections.
Victoria Mayor Dean Fortin, who also sits on the transit commission, said he would welcome a plebiscite on LRT. The project cannot move ahead without two thirds funding from senior governments, Fortin said. If that came through, he would campaign for a "yes" vote, he said. "I'd be very interested in having a plebiscite as part of it recognizing it's a substantive amount of money if we're going to spend $250 million," Fortin said. "I would be quite happy to get out there and campaign on behalf of the yes."

B.C. Transit analysis has found light rail to be the best option over conventional transit or rapid buses in dedicated lanes. But light rail is the most expensive to build.

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