Friday, May 6, 2011

Distance Based Congestion Charge

One of the ways that our regional government is looking to help pay for transportation infrastructure and reduce congestion is the possibility of pricing roads. While many see that charging a toll to cross a bridge as unfair for people in the South of Fraser, one of the other ways of pricing roads is the use of distance based pricing. I found this article on the Israeli Diamond Industry website of all places.
The plan proposes a charge of between NIS 0.10 and NIS1.00 ($0.03-0.30) per kilometer of travel inside the city, based on traffic congestion.

The finance and transport ministries are planning a pilot program with 1,200 drivers and Ayalon Highways in a few months.

Under the congestion pricing pilot scheme, participating vehicles will have GPS transponders installed, which will measure several factors: travel time, location, and distance in order to determine the amount of the congestion charge allocated to each driver.

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