Friday, October 8, 2010

Vital Signs

The Vancouver Foundation released a report card this week called "Vital Signs for Metro Vancouver". Our very own Joe Zaccaria was interviewed as part of this report card. The report card looks at public perception of livability and the factual indicators of livability within Metro Vancouver.

Take transportation and environmental sustainability in the region. People gave our region a "C" for transportation with expanding transit and making it more affordable on the top of  actionable items. On cycling, research indicates that 90% of people feel comfortable riding on routes that are separated from cars while only 51% are comfortable on roads with parked cars. On environmental sustainability, citizens gave our region a "B-" with improve transit service, reduce reliance on cars, and cutting down on waste as important regional initiatives.

These facts a good to know as our region shift from an auto-dependent region to an inclusive transportation region (ie: the bike lanes in downtown Vancouver.) Also while TransLink, the Province, and mayors are struggling to find common ground on funding public transportation; this report card shows that taxpayer wants improved service now (and there is only one taxpayer.)

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