Thursday, October 7, 2010

202 Street Park & Ride and Transit Exchange

As part of the Provincial Gateway Program/Highway 1 expansion program, a new park & ride and transit exchange will be built at 202nd Street on the south side on Highway 1. This 800 space park & ride facility will also connect to the HOV lanes on Highway 1 and over into Walnut Grove via a transit only/vanpool lanes underpass.

A design concept drawing of the Park & Ride site, which includes up
to 800 parking spaces and a new transit exchange that will act as the
eastern hub for the new RapidBus service across the Port Mann
From what I hear, there is also interest in developing a transit-orientated, mixed-used development near this facility. If the stars line up, this could be the first of this type of development in Langley Township. Construction is ramping up this year and will be complete by the spring of 2012 in time for the new express bus (BRT) service between Langley City/202 Street Park & Ride/Lougheed Town Centre SkyTrain.

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