Monday, October 4, 2010

Small Lot Size coming to Langley City?

Langley is a very interesting city in that it is split in half by the Nicomekl River Floodplain. North of the river is mixed use, medium density residential, industrial, and commercial property. The south side of the river is single-family houseville.

The City of Langley has been looking at increasing the density in the south side of the river for some time. This started with legalized secondary suites in December 2006. Now the City is looking at introducing infill, smaller-lot houses to increase diversity and density in the area. Not surprising, the community is almost split 50/50 on the issue. What I don't get is that people with large lots have the opportunity to make a bit of money with the proposed changes, so you'd think there would be more support.

Anyway, the City start public consultations tomorrow and have a web page setup where you can read more about the proposed changes.

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